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CSVI is a versatile management tool for importing all kinds of data into many different extensions.

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Export your data into different formats to different locations, automatic or manual. The choice is yours.

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CSV Improved enables you can import and export data into and from different Joomla! components.
Every component features its own import and export types to allow control over every part of the component.
Using a system that works based on a set of pre-defined fields you can match your fields with the CSV Improved fields to ensure a correct import. This way you can import all kinds of files from different kinds of sources,
for example from your supplier.
Using the same set of pre-defined fields you can set your own export fields to export for an accounting package, order list, order picking list and many other uses.

 Template based import/export Multi-component Support  Automated import/export Rule engine Field mapper Multi-source IMPORT/EXPORT

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Latest Updates

  • CSVI Pro 7.0.1 released

    12 January 2017 in News

    New release CSVI Pro 7.0.1 Last week we released major version 7 of CSVI Pro. This was a great step forward with a lot of nifty features. Despite all our testing, bugs unfortunately emerged after release day. Over the past week we have been fixing these bugs and have now made available this bugfix...

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  • CSVI Pro 7 released

    04 January 2017 in News

    New release CSVI Pro 7 A new year, a new release. Over the course of the last 6 months we have been working hard to bring you a new release of CSVI with not only bugfixes but also a whole bunch of new features. This release is a first step towards a more independent CSVI Pro. The extra framework...

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  • CSVI Pro 6.6.4 released

    25 August 2016 in News

    New release CSVI Pro 6.6.4 Continuing on the path of further stabilizing CSVI, we have released version 6.6.4 which fixes a few more issues that have been found. The issues fixed in this release are: Fine-tune VirtueMart Google Merchant export Fixed VirtueMart Product import not setting thumbnail...

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