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CSVI is a versatile management tool for importing all kinds of data into many different extensions.

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Export your data into different formats to different locations, automatic or manual. The choice is yours.

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CSV Improved enables you can import and export data into and from different Joomla! components.
Every component features its own import and export types to allow control over every part of the component.
Using a system that works based on a set of pre-defined fields you can match your fields with the CSV Improved fields to ensure a correct import. This way you can import all kinds of files from different kinds of sources,
for example from your supplier.
Using the same set of pre-defined fields you can set your own export fields to export for an accounting package, order list, order picking list and many other uses.

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Often it is almost impossible to know if your CSV file has been encoded as UTF-8. Programs cannot tell you for certain because there is no setting in the file that contains this information. The closest to come to determining a file's encoding is an educated guess or ask the person who created the file. Usually the person creating the file doesn't know either. All is lost then? Not really, you can create your own file and save it with a known encoding.

The choice of spreadsheet in this case is OpenOffice or LibreOffice. If you use Excel to do all your work in, you are out of luck as Excel has no option for enforcing an encoding when saving a file as CSV. This does not mean you can no longer use Excel but when saving the file for CSV open your Excel file with OpenOffice or LibreOffice.

Start OpenOffice/LibreOffice

In this example I will be using LibreOffice (the screens are the same for OpenOffice).


Open the file

Click on Open and select the file on your computer that you want to save as UTF-8 encoded file.

Save the file

We are not going to use CTRL-S to quickly save the file but we choose File -> Save As (CTRL-SHIFT-S) and then you get this screen:

LibreOffice Save As

There are a few things that are important:

  1. Give your file a name
  2. Save as type must be set to Text CSV (.csv)
  3. You must enable the Edit filter settings

After that is done click on Save.

Setting the filter settings

After you have clicked on Save, LibreOffice will ask you what settings you want to use for the file.

Export settings

The character set must be set to Unicode (UTF-8) as this is what we want to achieve, a UTF-8 encoded file.

The field and text delimiter you can set as you wish or leave it as it is, all other settings can be left unchanged.

After that is done, click on OK.

You now have a UTF-8 encoded file.


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    Moving on with CSV Improved 7.5.0 This is another feature release with some great additions to make CSV Improved more versatile. We have been expanding the J2Store support as the new kid on the block. In addition we have added a number of filters to the system. J2Store As mentioned before, J2Store is...

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My Member Software

My Member Software is the downloadable open source member administration program with which Associations, Clubs, Foundations and even companies can administrate their members and is integrated in the Joomla CMS.

You can use CSV Improved to easily import your user data into My Member Software.

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