Once upon a time a coder started to work on a new version of CSVI. This all started with some great ideas of supporting multiple versions of Joomla, multiple versions of VirtueMart, multiple versions of EZ Realty and multiple of everything. As the coder worked and worked time was flying by, before he knew, the world had changed. There were no longer multiple versions of Joomla, just one was left, Joomla 3. Multiple versions of VirtueMart had multiplied and HikaShop had stepped in.

This left the coder with some decisions to make, how to support all this and the answer was simple in the end. He couldn't. So he took some time away to consider what to do next and how to move forward. The final decision was that he is only going to support the latest version of every extension and Joomla version.

With this knowledge the coder was able to clean up the code and move forward. This has brought us here today where the new generation of CSVI is available as a stable release. CSVI 6 Pro has arrived.

What's new?

Actually too much, CSVI 6 Pro cannot be compared to it's predecessors. Here is a short list of most notable changes:

  • The look and feel has been completely updated
  • All supported extensions are addons now, nothing is locked into the core of CSVI anymore. You can write your own addons.
  • All rules are Joomla plugins. You can write your own plugins to manipulate the import and export.
  • Advanced features are hidden by default.
  • Templates have built-in help to explain the fields

How do I install or update?

Read the Installation or updating of CSVI 6 article to follow the steps to install or update to CSVI 6 Pro.

Where is the documentation?

All documentation is going to be rewritten to meet the CSVI 6 Pro way of working. This is a huge task, so please be patient. You can use the existing documentation as most import and export routines behave the same way. In doubt, post your question on the forum. I will be more than happy to assist you.

Where can I download CSVI 6 Pro?

CSVI 6 Pro is available to everybody with an active subscription. The packages are available from the CSVI Pro download page.

Where can I download the translations for CSVI 6 Pro?

As of CSVI 6 Pro, there are no separate language packs to install anymore. Each release of CSVI will contain the most up-to-date translations from Transifex as long as 50% or more has been translated.

End of CSVI 5 Pro

Development for CSVI 5 Pro will end with the release of CSVI 6 Pro. This means no new features will be added to CSVI 5 Pro anymore. Support for CSVI 5 will be on-going till 31st December 2015 after which support for both Joomla 2.5 and CSVI 5 Pro ends. This marks the end of support for older versions and CSVI will have moved fully into the Joomla 3 era.

Thank you

As a final note, I would like to thank everybody who has been testing and reporting issues in the CSVI 6 Pro release. This release would not have been possible without you and your efforts are truly appreciated.

This release is available for free to everyone with an active subscription from the Download section. If you do not have a subscription yet, you can subscribe here.

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My Member Software

My Member Software

My Member Software is open source club membership software with which Associations, Clubs, Foundations and even companies can administrate their members and is integrated in the Joomla CMS.

You can use RO CSVI to easily import your user data into My Member Software, create Joomla user accounts for your members and even perform batch updates on member data.