CSV Improved 7.7.0 - a feature release

Summer is behind us and it is time to get to work, what a better way to do that with this new CSV Improved and some great new features.

The past few months we have been working hard on some great new additions including support for the most requested Joomla Tags import and export and J2Store Address import and export.

Joomla Tags

This release adds yet another Joomla component to the list of supported extensions. The Joomla Tags import and export allows you to import and export tags to be used throughout Joomla. We have documented on how to use these features in the Joomla Tags Tutorial. The tags can be imported with the Joomla Content and Joomla Categories using the tags field.


This release contains some important additions to the J2Store support. We have added the option to import and export J2Store addresses, this allows you to manage your customer addresses as used in J2Store. How to manage the addresses is documented in the J2Store Address Tutorial.

We have also added more fields to the J2Store Product import so you can import more product details in a single import. We have added the following fields:

  • introtext
  • fulltext
  • language
  • featured
  • hits
  • access
  • version

Processes list

We have found out that the Running Processes list wasn't very accurate so we have spend some time optimizing this list to be more reliable. The list should give a better representation of the current running imports and exports. You are advised to delete all entries in the processes list and start clean.


The rules is a much used feature and for good reason, it gives you an enormous amount of flexibility. It was very hard to see which rules are linked to a template and to which templates. That has been changed now. The rule listing now has the option to filter on rules assigned to templates or not.

Rules Template filter

We have further enhanced this feature that when you edit a rule, you can click the Linked Templates button and you will get a list of templates linked to the rule. You can click the link to open the list of template fields for the linked template. The Linked Templates button will only show up if there are any linked templates.

linked templates button

linked templates list


This release contains yet again new features for HikaShop. A request we received multilpe times is to be able to export the file details in the Product export and import. So we listened and added these fields to the HikaShop import and export. The following fields have been added:

  • file_path
  • file_name
  • file_description
  • file_ordering

WIth these fields it will make it easier to manage the products with their images.

There is now also the option to recreate product aliases on import. This can be useful for when you want to clean up your aliases in bulk.

If your HikaShop is using product variants it is not possible to set a variant as default but that is history now. CSV Improved now supports setting a product variant as default product. Not only that but CSV Improved can also create variants on the fly on import. We have documented this in the HikaShop Variants Tutorial.

For those using FastSeller with HikaShop, we support this now as well for HikaShop.

Notable changes

There are a few changes we do want to highlight as they can be quite useful:

  • Joomla Content export now has date filters allowing you to export a selection of items based on date ranges
  • Option to delete prices before import in VirtueMart Product and Price import
  • Debug log entries can now be limited to what is recorded. Large imports can cause huge debug logs, we have now made it configurable and it defaults to only logging the first 20 products.
  • CSV Improved now supports multi-language support for Custom Fields for All in stockable custom fields in VirtueMart Product import
  • The skip rule plugin now has the option to skip empty records


Check the full list of changes in this release:

  • Fixed multi variant import shows invalid argument error when no values in import file in VirtueMart Product import
  • Fixed duplicate language error with VirtueMart
  • Added insert Variants on HikaShop Product import
  • Added allow import of Joomla content without text, informs user if so
  • Fixed change active language code in VirtueMart to standard language code
  • Fixed backup template does not save file in user defined location
  • Added allow importing 0 and empty values for custom fields
  • Changed Custom field check to be more precise for VirtueMart custom fields
  • Added FastSeller support for HikaShop
  • Added add default variant to HikaShop product import
  • Added Encode URL as a option in template settings for importing from remote sources
  • Fixed Missed Keep id condition with adding module menus
  • Fixed Use image base path from Form2Content configuration
  • Fixed HikaShop custom fields to be table specific in field list prevent ambiguous error
  • Added Joomla categories export Group and Sort By fields
  • Added throw an error when a component is not set in a template
  • Added Joomla Tags import
  • Added Joomla Tags export
  • Fixed Hikashop showing 0 variants for products with no children in HikaShop Product import
  • Added use image name from import file if provided in HikaShop Product import
  • Changed improved handling images from remote servers
  • Fixed HikaShop variants with a change in Characteristic name not updated
  • Added custom table export to support field alias using column headers
  • Added skip record when value is empty
  • Added decimal option to Margin plugin
  • Added option Recreate alias in HikaShop Product import
  • Fixed HikaShop product access on product import and export
  • Fixed the product access level and price site ID in HikaShop Product import
  • Fixed all value is exported on product_access in HikaShop Product export
  • Added multi-language support for Custom Fields for All in stockable custom fields in VirtueMart Product import
  • Added debug log limit number of lines entry
  • Added option to delete price before inserting new ones in VirtueMart Product and Price import
  • Fixed duplicate entry error on HikaShop customer import
  • Fixed custom table empties table on every step
  • Added installation of example templates to be language aware
  • Added filter date range options to Joomla Content export
  • Changed improve user message when file does exist on FTP server
  • Changed delete Product image relation to work when Process image is set to yes in HikaShop Product import
  • Fixed Hide the credentials if processing is set to No in HikaShop Product import
  • Added support export of image fields in HikaShop Product import
  • Added list the templates where rule has been used
  • Added J2Store Address import
  • Added J2Store Address export
  • Fixed removes image values in Joomla Content import
  • Changed synchronise product image handling between HikaShop, VirtueMart and J2Store
  • Fixed importing override value in VirtueMart Product and Price import
  • Fixed overwriting existing data on J2Store Product import
  • Added extra content fields in J2Store Product import
  • Fixed running processes listing finished processes
  • Added notification in cron where export file is saved

This release is available for free to everyone with an active subscription from the Download section. If you do not have a subscription yet, you can subscribe here.

CSV Improved 7.6.2 - a stability release

A couple of weeks ago CSV Improved 7.6.0 was released and in the meantime we have been busy fixing bugs that were noticed. This makes 7.6.2 a true stability release as there are no new features in this release.

Some interesting fact about many of these bugs is that they have been present in CSV Improved for quite some time and went unnoticed for so long. Thank you for reporting them and we will fix them as soon as we find them.


Check the full list of changes in this release:

  • Fixed error with product_params field on VirtueMart Product import
  • Fixed default values not used on product_params in VirtueMart Product import
  • Fixed corrupt lines stopping ICEcat index loading
  • Fixed import of multiple multi variant fields in VirtueMart Product import
  • Fixed fatal error on VirtueMart Order Advanced export when export type is changed
  • Fixed parsing date in Multi-replace plugin
  • Fixed default value on VARCHAR fields in database check
  • Fixed ambiguous delivery_date field on VirtueMart Order Advanced export
  • Fixed the time on log dates
  • Fixed the front-end export redirect
  • Fixed unable to import new orders in J2Store Order import
  • Fixed SFTP class not found on front-end export
  • Fixed not all categories shown in HikaShop templates
  • Fixed obsolete fields in Form2Content plugin

This release is available for free to everyone with an active subscription from the Download section. If you do not have a subscription yet, you can subscribe here.

CSV Improved 7.6.0 - a small update

Only 3 weeks ago we release CSV Improved 7.5.0 and now there is already CSV Improved 7.6.0. While this could just be a bugfix release we did not want to postpone some of the new features we built for you. The new features in this release are small but absolutely worth mentioning.

Example templates

In the past few releases we have been adding more and more example templates to assist you to get started. One problem with the example templates was that it always installed all templates. So you either get a very large list of templates you never use and need to clean up or no example templates if you don't want to keep cleaning them. To help you out we now added the option that you can choose for which extension you want to install the example templates. Ensuring that you only get the example templates you want.

By default the debugging option is turned off because once you decide to take your template live you don't want it to fill up your hosting with all the debug logs. However when testing it can be useful to have the debug option enabled. So we now offer the option to enable debugging on the example templates before installing them. Just a minor change to make life easier.

Install CSV Improved example templates

Joomla! Content Export

The last feature we added is for the Joomla! Content Export to include all subcategories during export. So you no longer have to select all the categories for export, you can just select the parent and enable the option to also export the child categories and you are good to go.

Joomla! Content subcategory support

Database issues

We touched upon this topic last time and we have made further improvements to this to ensure older CSV Improved installations can be updated as well.


In addition to the new features, we have fixed a number of issues as well. Check the full list of changes in this release:

  • Fixed error on updating available fields
  • Fixed J2Store tasks not setup on installation
  • Lowered Form2Content available fields threshold
  • Fixed SFTP failing on cron job
  • Fixed missing default values for database fields
  • Added option to select for which component the example templates should be installed
  • Added option to enable debug logging on installation of example templates
  • Added option to include subcategories in Joomla! Content export
  • Fixed the back button throwing a fit after import when running in a subfolder
  • Fixed database index issues on installation
  • Make the Operation required during new template creation
  • Fixed ICEcat incorrect column count
  • Fixed AwoCoupon export not using new methodology
  • Fixed AwoCoupon import not using new methodology
  • Improved database integrity checks

This release is available for free to everyone with an active subscription from the Download section. If you do not have a subscription yet, you can subscribe here.

Moving on with CSV Improved 7.5.0

This is another feature release with some great additions to make CSV Improved more versatile. We have been expanding the J2Store support as the new kid on the block. In addition we have added a number of filters to the system.


As mentioned before, J2Store is relatively new in CSV Improved and we have been working on improving supporting this extension. This release brings a product filter import and export that allows you to import and export product filters. The filters allow you to have more flexible products. We have also added an import and export for the geo zones option in J2Store. The geo zones allow you to manage all the geographical zones used in your shop.

The J2Store Order item export has an order state filter, allowing to only export order items for orders with a selected state.


J2Store is not the only shop we have been working on. VirtueMart, our old-timer, is still being expanded as well. This time we added the option to unpublish categories before doing a VirtueMart Category import.

Custom Fields for All

This little gem is being used by quite a few people to add flexibility to their VirtueMart products. A few releases ago, it started to support multi-lingual websites, however it was not possible to import or export them with CSV Improved. This is now changed, we added full multi-language support for the Custom Fields for All plugin.

Price removal

In the maintenance section we have the option to remove prices for VirtueMart, Hikashop and J2Store. This has been enhanced with a manufacturer filter. You can now also delete prices that are linked to a selected manufacturer.

Database issues

The last few releases we have noticed an increase in issues that are related to database changes. Finally resulting in a list of errors shown on the About page since the Joomla 3.8.6 release while nothing had changed. This turned out to be a change in Joomla and was not related to any real database issues. This needs to change, so we wrote our own database sanity checker. Every time CSV Improved is installed, the database structure is checked and where needed fixed. In the case you do need to fix the database afterwards, we still have the Fix Database button on the About page. Let the database issues be gone and forgotten :)


The above changes are just some highlights. We have made quite a few stability fixes as well to ensure CSV Improved keeps running smoothly. Check the full list of changes in this release:

  • Fixed an issue with downloading remote files
  • Fixed user import always skipping new users
  • Fixed custom field default value not exporting in VirtueMart Order Advanced export
  • Fixed shipping full name field throwing errors in VirtueMart Order export
  • Added manufacturer filter for Virtuemart Maintenance remove prices
  • Added brand select option to HikaShop Maintenance empty product prices
  • Added empty product prices for J2Store
  • Fixed Conditional rule plugin not reading 0 as a value
  • Fixed duplicate category error in VirtueMart category import
  • Fixed SFTP namespace casing
  • Fixed customer_note not exported in VirtueMart Order Advanced export
  • Changed do not update override and product_override_price when empty in VirtueMart Price import
  • Added clean CSVI cache on install of extension
  • Fixed Menu parameter missing when adding a new menu in Joomla Menu import
  • Changed updated the list of fields that need number formatting in VirtueMart Order export
  • Added product filter import for J2Store
  • Added product filter export for J2Store
  • Fixed new orders not created for guest users in VirtueMart Order import
  • Fixed update title with SKU only for new products in J2Store Product import
  • Added support for custom date format in Multireplace plugin
  • Added J2Store Geo zone rules import
  • Added J2Store Geo zone rules export
  • Fixed HikShop category filter does not include products with product_parent_id
  • Fixed field_combine variable undefined notice
  • Removed incorrect available field in J2Store Order export
  • Added the order state filter on the J2Store Order Item export
  • Added the customer name to J2Store Order Item export
  • Added Unpublish categories before import in VirtueMart Category import
  • Added Custom Fields for All multi-language support
  • Added new database sanity checker

This release is available for free to everyone with an active subscription from the Download section. If you do not have a subscription yet, you can subscribe here.

Kicking off with a new release

With the festive season behind us I want to start wishing everybody a joyful, exciting and amazing 2018. That this may be a year full of awesomeness. We are starting it with a new feature release, CSV Improved Pro 7.4.0. This release has been in the making for the past 3 months, so you can expect a lot of new goodies.

Joomla Modules

The Joomla Modules is one of the few parts of Joomla not yet supported by CSV Improved until now. This release brings you import and export features of Joomla Modules. This is a tricky one because each and every module has it's own settings so we cannot support all individual settings but we do support the basic ones. The other settings can still be imported and exported but this will be a field with lots of data in it. So you may have to sift through it if you are looking for a specific setting to change.

However for exporting and importing across multiple sites this makes life a lot easier as you can export and import the modules as-is. Assuming you have the module installed in the target system of course. This also allows you to roll out a module with settings across multiple sites if you need to.

We have the documentation ready and you can find out about it in the Joomla Modules Tutorial.

Custom Table import and export

The Custom Table import and export is undergoing major surgery and it keeps getting better and better. We have improved the performance and stability of the import mechanism and added some new features as well. The features we added this time are:

  • Option to empty the table before starting the import
    This allows you to import data into a clean table
  • Option to delete records on import using the record_delete field


As the web is looking to become more and more secure we at CSV Improved would like to chip-in as well. This release adds the option to import from and export to SFTP servers instead of FTP. SFTP is the SSH File Transfer Protocol and should not be confused with FTPS which is something completely different. In case you are interested in the differences you can read the article Difference Between FTPS and SFTP. To use the SFTP option, you choose the FTP option and then enable the SFTP setting. Make sure you fill in all the correct details of course.

Remote images

Hosting images on another server is nothing new but what is new is that there is some movement going on in this area. HikaShop now allows you to use remote images so we also support that from this release onwards. In the K2 Item import we now added the option to download remote images and use them in K2. Finally, all the remote images downloads can be used with a username and password. This allows you to download remote images that are behind a login, making it even easier to manage your images directly.

Imagenames with spaces in them will now be replaced with underscores to make the files less prone to issues.


The above changes are just some highlights. We have made quite a few stability fixes as well to ensure CSV Improved keeps running smoothly. Check the full list of changes in this release:

  • Changed Threshold limit for AwoCoupon
  • Fixed Custom table import not adding new records
  • Setting value to Import based on field if its not a primary key field
  • Rework update mechanism for the Custom table import
  • Fixed skipping new records if set in template on Custom table import
  • Fixed fatal error and added logging to Custom table import
  • Added option to empty table before import in Custom table import
  • Added spaces will be replaced by underscores in image names on all imports
  • Added a new option to select required date field to be used in date range option in VirtueMart Order export
  • Added a new option to select required date field to be used in date range option in HikaShop Order export
  • Fixed do not use timezone when saving order date in VirtueMart Order export
  • Fixed do not use timezone when saving order date in HikaShop Order export
  • Fixed do not use timezone when saving order date in J2Store Order export
  • Added support for multiple product ordering in VirtueMart Product import
  • Added SFTP option for import and export
  • Added Multi replace rule to support replace of empty values
  • Fixed some minor issues with templates listing making it more robust
  • Added maintenance option to delete duplicate related categories and products for VirtueMart
  • Changed Take time offset into account when using last run date for HikaShop Order export
  • Fixed search filter on template fields not working
  • Added date field to multi-replacement plugin
  • Fixed ODS files import running forever
  • Changed Set a default extension in FastSeller producttype import
  • Added Image name to support accent characters
  • Fixed Front-end import for fromdatabase shows no file error
  • Fixed Missing image upload class in K2 2.8 version
  • Fixed Skip rule plugin to not skip the record
  • Fixed date format to read from first field instead of individual fields
  • Added username and password to be set to read images from remote resources that require login
  • Added support remote image download of K2 Item import
  • Fixed a number of undefined notices
  • Changed Make thumbnail processing more robust in VirtueMart Product import
  • Added import of remote HikaShop images to HikaShop Product import
  • Added I'm Mac to Field mapper
  • Added Joomla Modules import
  • Added Joomla Modules export
  • Fixed Joomla Article import not recognising required fields
  • Added support for zip files for restoring templates
  • Added Delete row using record_delete field in Custom Table import
  • Added Check if component is installed while restoring templates
  • Fixed custom_ordering field not exporting if it has a 0 value
  • Fixed Template fields view to be more robust
  • Fixed product thumb image in J2Store Product import
  • Added Validate regular expression set in Skip rule
  • Changed Keep Field name selected for Custom Table export template fields
  • Fixed Join field not selected by default in Custom Table export template
  • Fixed Stockable Custom Fields not updating parameters for children in VirtueMart Product import
  • Added order_number field to VirtueMart Order Item export

This release is available for free to everyone with an active subscription from the Download section. If you do not have a subscription yet, you can subscribe here.

CSVI Pro 7.3.0 released

09 October 2017
in News

New feature release CSVI Pro 7.3.0

All summer we have been working on this new incredible version of CSV Improved. Not only fixing bugs but also adding some great new features which we think you will enjoy. The biggest of them all is the support for yet another extension. We are now also supporting the import and export of J2Store data. Allowing you to choose yet another shopping cart system and keep on using CSV Improved.


To keep supporting our customers we have added support for J2Store as this shopping cart is getting bigger and bigger by the day. Allowing users to create products from Joomla articles is a great way to maintain a store with an interface users are already used to. At this moment we have included the following imports and exports:

  1. Products
  2. Product files
  3. Product images
  4. Prices
  5. Orders
  6. Order items

As you can see quite a long list of things you can already import and export with J2Store. In combination with the Joomla Article import you can manage all your products with ease. We have documentation available as to how to run the imports and exports as well. Have a look for that at the J2Store tutorials documentation section. Please give it a try and let us know what you think. We are looking forward to your input and see how we can improve here.


There has been some changes to the VirtueMart integration as well. Most notably is that we removed the SnelStart export routine. The reason we removed the SnelStart routine is that it was pretty much doing the same thing as the Order export except it had a few more fields. So we moved support for these fields to the Order export routine to allow you to still export these fields. To continue using your template, you can just change the type from SnelStart to Order and the template will continue to function as before.

The VirtueMart Custom Fields import now allows you to also import custom fields that are grouped. This is useful when you have a number of custom fields that belong together.

Custom fields for products are used quite a lot we noticed and users would like to see this information as well when they run the Order export. That is now possible. The VirtueMart order export supports the custom fields that are assigned to products. All you need to do is make sure that the list of available fields is updated. One thing to be aware of, the values are taking from the product settings, they do not come out of the order table so any change you make to the custom field after someone ordered it, this will export the changed value and not the one it was at the time of ordering. That is because this information is not stored by VirtueMart.

Custom Table import and export

In the previous release we improved the export of the Custom Table export by allowing you to link any tables as you like. This time we looked at the import, here we added the option to use a compound key as unique identifier. In case the table uses multiple fields to identify a record, enter multiple keys separated by a comma. Setting this, you can update fields that are identified by more than just a primary key.


Product exports usually require the product URL to be send to a comparison site like Google Shopping. Instead of having a long and not so friendly looking URL we use a SEF URL. CSV Improved supports SEF URLs but it didn't play nice on a multi-lingual site. This has now been fixed and SEF URLs are indexed based on language. Now you will always get the correct SEF URLs. Make sure to update the SEF URLs from the Maintenance section so your URLs are language aware.

Date formats

Until now the date format applied to all exported fields was set in the template. This meant you cannot get a different format for different fields. Now you can customize this by setting the date format field per field you export. Of course this will only be applied to fields that has a timestamp in them.


The above changes are just some highlights. We have made quite a few stability fixes as well to ensure CSV Improved keeps running smoothly. Check the full list of changes in this release:

  • Country separator for VirtueMart Shippingrate import is now |
  • Fixed Custom filters export
  • Added Field combine to allow empty values (Thank you Pavel)
  • Added support hyperlink fieldtype for Form2Content Article import
  • Added support for J2Store Product Images import/export
  • Set a default value for watermark margins
  • Fixed Remove folder after import using cron
  • Fixed username field is ambiguous on VirtueMart User Info export
  • Added support for J2Store Order Item import/export
  • Fixed unknown class error in CSVI override file
  • Fixed generating Joomla articles in cron mode in Form2Content Article import
  • Added support for category_path in Form2Content Article import
  • Added support for Options in HikaShop Product import
  • Added support for J2Store Order import/export
  • Added compound keys to CSVI Custom Table import
  • Changed setting log and tmp folder
  • Added message to show result of Database and Menu fix on About page
  • Removed Settings option from menu as it is obsolete
  • Fixed language not correctly read from template in VirtueMart product categories list
  • Store SEF URLs with language setting
  • Added allow multiple custom fields to be exported in Joomla Content export
  • Added check if CSVI stockable custom fields or CSVI custom fields for all is installed in VirtueMart Product import
  • Fixed ICEcat loading indexes
  • Added result message on screen when doing a frontend export
  • Fixed template fields throwing error when not set
  • Fixed FTP not loading correct filename
  • Added meta information fields for VirtueMart Manufacturer import
  • Fixed product_attribute field exporting empty in VirtueMart Orderadvanced export
  • Fixed category separator not using template settings in VirtueMart Google export
  • Added product custom fields support in VirtueMart Order export
  • Fixed Generate thumbnail image from main image in Form2Content import
  • Added a check to see if the appropiate add-ons are installed
  • Fixed export of multiple values for Custom Field type Image List
  • Added support for J2Store Product import/export
  • Added Joomla User custom fields in HikaShop Order export
  • Fixed product price filter of 0 in VirtuMart exports
  • Added option to specify date format for each template field
  • Added support for custom field groups in VirtueMart Custom Fields import
  • Merged SnelStart fields to VirtueMart Order export
  • SnelStart export removed from VirtueMart

This release is available for free to everyone with an active subscription from the Download section. If you do not have a subscription yet, you can subscribe here.

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You can use CSV Improved to easily import your user data into My Member Software.

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