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Required fields

  • CSVI 6.0+
  • VirtueMart 3.0
  • Joomla 3.0+
  • PHP 5.4+
  •  It is possible in CSVI to combine fields and export them in one field.

    As a first step of combining fields on export. Create a CSVI export template. This document explains on combining VirtueMart product fields product_sku, product_name and product_price. The same should be followed for other exports.

    create product import template


    Say for example we need product_sku, product_name and product_price fields combined so the output looks like AB123-Product1-12.00 in product_name field. Add all these three fields to template fields.

    create product import template


    Create a combine rule to export

    No setup a combine rule to combine product_sku, product_name and product_price fields.

    Give a name to the rule say Export combine rule

    Select the operation as Export

    The plugin to select is CSVI Field Combine

    Source fields should be the fields we need to combine product_sku, product_name and product_price

    Target field will be product_name as we need all these fields to be combined and exported to product_name field

    Save the rule

    Apply the rule on product_name field in template fields.

    create product import template

    The final setting of template field will look like

    Template fields with rule set

    Finally do the export to get the fields combined in csv file

    create product import template

    Please check Combining multiple fields into one in import to combine fields on import.

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