CSV Improved Highlights


CSV Improved uses a template based system for managing your import and export processes. The templates allow you to setup your settings and reuse them for subsequent processing. This way you can set up automated imports and exports.



CSV Improved once started out as an extension for VirtueMart but those days are far behind us. Not only is VirtueMart supported, a whole array of extensions is now supported by CSV Improved. Other extensions include, K2, HikaShop, EZ Realty and many others.



CSV Improved has native support for automated import and export jobs. This allows you to automatically send out sales reports, update stock information, publish data. The possibilities are endless.



CSV Improved has a new rule engine which is completely plugin based. No longer are you limited by only text and regular expression replacements, you can unleash the power of the Joomla plugin system to create your own replacement plugins.



CSV Improved helps you to setup the basics of your template by offering a field mapper. Just upload your CSV file into the field mapper and choose the appropriate fields to use and you are set to create your template. The fine-tuning can be done in the template screen itself.



CSV Improved is not limited to where it takes the data from or sends it to. Files can be retrieved from your local computer, the server, an FTP location or even a URL on the internet. The same applies for exporting files, they can be downloaded to your local computer, stored on the server, an FTP location or send out by mail. A combination of export locations is also possible.

Great product and great support within hours
5 stars
Great tool for migration, import of new data, loading Virtuemart products