Powerful Plugin!
5 stars
Available support along with power & flexibility provided by extension make it well worth it.
Excellent extension
5 stars
A lot of documentation, but when need to know more the support is great
A great extension
5 stars
Once you get past the basics, It has a vast number of tasks that it simplifies
A must for large sites with frequent changes or rebuilds
5 stars
It is easy once you have spent time familiarizing yourself with it and testing imports/exports.
A great extension
5 stars
Fantastic extension for exporting and importing all the data of Virtuemart and not only.
Invaluable for online stores with many skus and price levels!
5 stars
This extension is critical for the efficient operation of our online store, having over 12.000 skus! We couldn't manage without CSVI!

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RCP User helps you to maintain a clean userlist by automatically deleting stale user accounts. Never logged-in user accounts are deleted automatically, old user accounts are deleted after a give time, bounce handling, white-listing user accounts you never want deleted. Customize reminder emails that are send out to users. Connected to other extensions to not delete accounts that have a forum post or order placed on your site. RCP User runs automatically via cron-job.

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